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Chocolate Celebration Cakes

Flavours Big Small Description
Double Dutch Truffle Cake 750 450 A rich chocolate butter cake with a creamy truffle filling and frosting and enrobed in ganache! Our best seller…
Truffle Classic 700* 420* Chocolate Cake with a chocolate Truffle filling and frosting. *This is the cake that, with additions to it takes on different avatars like Kit Kat Truffle, Walnut Truffle, Almond Rock Truffle, Ferroro Rocher Truffle.
Chocolate Chocolate 650 390 A Moist Dark Chocolate cake with a Whipped Dark Chocolate Ganache filling and frosting. Ideal for those who crave for a slight bitter taste.
Chocolate Vanilla 650 390 Rich and Moist Chocolate cake with Vanilla Cream Frosting
Chocolate Bavarios 650 390 Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Bavarian Mousse filling and frosting
White Velvet 750 450 White Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Truffle filling and frosting
Milk Chocolate Delight 750 450 Moist Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate Truffle Filling and Mousse and Ganache topping
Da Chocolate Bomb 700 420 Rich chocolate cake with a gooey chocolate pastry cream.
Chocolate Mousse in cake 700 420 A moist chocolate sponge with a filling of chocolate mousse and a fudgy ganache.
Black Forest Gateau 750 450 A moist chocolate sponge with a filling of truffle, cream and cherries. Seasonal Variations Possible
White Forest Cake 750 450 A moist white chocolate sponge with a filling of snowy white truffle, cream and cherries. Seasonal Variations Possible
Mocha Chocolate Layer Cake 700 420 Rich Chocolate cake with a mocha truffle filling and a coffee ganache topping decorated with coffee mousse and chocolate covered coffee beans and chocolate
Ebony and Ivory Cake 750 450 Dark Chocolate cake with a creamy White chocolate Mousse filling and topping, with a drizzle of dark chocolate ganache.
Mousse Au Chocolate Chip Cake 700 420 Chocolate Mousse with chocolate chips added in a moist chocolate cake
Milk Chocolate Delight n Bomb Combo 750 450 Moist Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate Pudding Filling and Ganache topping with a praline chocolate crunch
Brownie Cake 800 480 A chocolatey Fudgy Brownie cake with walnuts and topped with a chocolate glaze and walnuts.
Add ons to the above: Rate per kg
Raisin 100.00
Kit Kat/ Perk/ Crackle 100.00
Ferroro Rocher 300.00
Roasted Almond Rocks 250.00
Walnut 300.00
Mixed Fruit 150.00
Blueberry/ Raspberry/ Cranberry/ Blackcurrant 200.00
Chocolate Chips 100.00
Praline (with cashew) 150.00
Chocolate Cluster Crunch 150.00
Crispy Crunch 100.00

Specialty Chocolate Cakes (min. wt. 1 kg.)

Flavours Big Small Description
White Chocolate Mousse n Rasberry Gateau 850 NA White cake filled with white chocolate mousse and raspberry compote and white chocolate crisps, frosted with white chocolate mousse and topped with raspberry puree and white chocolate shavings.
Truffle Royale 850 NA Dark and Moist Chocolate Cake with a dark chocolate truffle and white chocolate truffle filling and a chocolate ganache topping with chocolate decorations
Oreo Mousse Chocolate Cake 850 NA A rich chocolate cake filled with a cookie mousse and Oreos
Cookies and Cream Mousse Cake 750 NA A rich chocolate cake filled with a cookie mousse and Oreos
Cookies and Cream Mousse Cake 750 NA A rich chocolate cake filled with a cookie mousse and Oreos
Sachertorte 850 NA Surprise in a cake!!Chocolate Cake with a Apricot mousse filling and chocolate glaze topping!
Chocolate and Fruit Crème cake 800 NA Dark chocolate cake filled with whipped cream and fruits with a ganache lacing
Red Velvet 800 NA A moist light chocolate cake with red colour added to give it the red look with a cream cheese frosting
Chocolate Cassata 800 NA Chocolate Cake with a cottage and cream cheese icing
Vanilla Chocolate Cassata 750 NA White Cake with Chocolate Cream cheese Frosting
Chocolate cake filled with Cheesecake 850 NA Cheesecake filling in a moist chocolate cake
Banana n Peanut Caramel Extravagance 750 NA Chocolate cake with caramelised banana with peanut butter filling and topping finished with a chocolate glaze and a peanut praline
Devil's Advocate 850 NA Devils Food Cake with a fudgy chocolate buttercream Frosting laced with a mixed berry compote and cocoa nibs
Chocolate Caramello 800 NA Chocolate cake with a truffle Caramel Praline and a Caramel Ganache topping!
German Chocolate Cake 900 NA A gooey chocolate cake filled with a creamy coconut and walnut pastry cream filling and ganache topping.
Walnut Fudge-filled Fudge Cake 900 NA Fudge cake with a Chocolate Walnut fudge filling and topping.
Hazelnut Coffee Surprise 950 NA Hazelnut meringue layer and rich coffee cream filling in a moist chocolate sponge cake
Chocolate Decadence 900 NA A moist Chocolate cake filled with a ChocoNut Mousse and Whipped Ganache filling sandwiched with chocolate Crispies and topped with A thick caramel sauce decorated on the sides with chocolate curls
Bounty Cake 800 NA White cake with a coconut pastry cream and a chocolate topping! An ode to the candy bar!
Expresso Ecstacy 850 NA A rich dark Chocolate cake with an aromatic coffee cream filling and a divine coffee sauce. Walnuts added for an extra cruch and chocolate coated coffee beans too
Minty/ Orange Chocolate Indulgence 800 NA White cake is layered with a creamy orange ganache and iced with the same. We garnish the cake with candied orange peels and marbled chocolate shavings.
Chocolate Excess Cake 950 NA A brownie cake base with yummy chocolate crispy fudge, chocolate cream and mousse inside, covered with chocolate shavings.

Cream Cakes

Flavours Big Small Description
Vanilla Creme Cake 650 390 A moist sponge cake with flavoured syrup variations and a yummy bavarian cream filling.
Mixed Fruit Gateau 750 450 A Moist sponge cake with fruits of the season & cream.
Mango/Peach/ Strawberry Gateau (Seasonal) Will be quoted as per market rate Will be quoted as per market rate A moist sponge cake with a fruit and cream filling
Mixed Fruit Gateau with Chocolate Truffle 775 465 A moist sponge cake with fruits of the season and cream filling and a truffle lacing
Pineapple Cream Cake 700 420 A sponge cake with a creamy pineapple filling
Apple Gateau 750 450 A sponge cake filled with cream and caramalised apples
Dry Fruit Gateau 850 510 A sponge cake with a dry fruits and cream filling
Cappuccino Gateau 750 450 A white cake with a heady coffee cream filling .and a coffee sauce topping
Caramel n Praline Cream cake 750 450 White cake with a caramel cream and cashew praline filling topped with a caramel sauce

Specialty Cream cakes (min. wt. 1 kg.)

Flavours Big Small Description
Tiramisu Gateau 850 NA An Italian classic of sponge and coffee mousse... Indulgised!!!
Banana Caramel Cream cake 750 NA Banana cake with banana caramel cream! A Combination divine!!!
Pinacolada Gateau 800 NA Pineapple and Coconut Mousse Filling. Our take on the famous cocktail!!!
Peach Melba 800 NA Peaches, raspberry and almonds in a white cake
Fruity Nougat Crunch Gateau 950 NA Caramel sponge with a caramalised fruit and praline filling
Rose Gateau 750 NA White cake flavored with the essence of rose petals and filled and frosted with rose petal infused mousse.
Lemon/Orange Tango 750 NA A delicate white cake brushed with a fresh lemon/orange syrup and a layer of raspberry jam. Filled with a deliciously tart lemon buttercream. For lemon lovers, we can add a thin layer of lemon curd between the cake layers instead of the raspberry
Pineapple Filled Lemon Layer cake 750 NA White cake soaked in a lemon syrup with a cooked Pineapple filling
Tres Leches Cassata with Fresh Fruit coulis 800 NA Three Milk soaked cake with a Cassata cream and fruit coulis filling and frosting. Irresistable!!!
Dry Fruit and Nut Cream cake 900 NA White cake with a dry fruit pastry cream filling
Fruity Vanilla Cassata 750 NA White cake filled with your choice of fruit and fruit creamcheese mousse and frosted with the same mousse cream.
Fruit Cloud 750 NA Yellow cake filled with your choice of fruit and fruit mousse and frosted with the same fruit mousse cream
Fruit and Jelly Cake 800 NA Jelly soaked cake with cream n fruit for company
24 Karat Cake 750 NA A moist carrot cake with pineapple, walnuts and coconut, filled and covered with classic vanilla cream cheese buttercream.

Exotic Cream Cakes (min 1.5 kg.)

Flavours Big Small Description
Stained Glass Cake 900 NA A biscuit base with a creamy filling and a fruit and jelly topping
Pan Pasand Cake 800 NA Perfect dessert for Meetha Paan fans
Fruit Fantasy 900 NA Fruits like rasberries, blueberries, Black Cherries, passion fruit, etc. showcased in cake and cream

Mousse Cakes (Min 1 kg)

Flavours Big Small Description
Chocolate Mousse cake 800 NA A Chocolate sponge or biscuit base topped with a luscious mousse layer & chocolate glaze.
Fruity Mousse cakes 800 NA Delicious Fruity Mousse cakes
Cookies and Cream Mousse cake 800 NA White mousse with hints of cookies and a oreo cookie base.
Trio of Mousses cake 800 NA Dark, milk and white chocolate mousses , all stacked on a cake base.


Flavours Big Small Description
White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake 900 NA White Chocolate Set cheesecake with fruity variations.
Milk Chocolate & Raisin Cheesecake 900 NA A Milk and Raisin combination in a Set cheesecake
Blueberry Cheesecake 900 540 Blueberry compote over a creamy set cheesecake.
Chocolate Cheesecake 900 NA Rich and Creamy Set Chocolate Cheesecake
Fresh Fruit Cheesecake 900 NA Fresh fruit flavoured Set cheesecake.
Cappuccino Cheesecake 900 NA A set Coffee infused Cheesecake
Banana Caramel Cheesecake 900 NA A Banana and caramel combination in a set cheesecake

Plum cake

Flavours Big Small Description
Plum cake with marzipan and fondant 1000 NA A Medium Rich Dry Fuit Cake with Marzipan and fondant cover. House special

Tea cakes (Minimum order 4 bars)

Cake Name MRP per pc. MRP per kg.
Vanilla Pound Cake 120 330
Fruity Vanilla Pound Cake 125 345
Chocolate Cake 85 240
Chocolate Pound Cake 125 345
Nutty Chocolate Pound Cake 130 360
Banana Cake 110 310
Date Pudding Cake 110 310
Date and Walnut Cake 175 480
Marble Cake 120 330
Apple Cake 150 415
Carrot Cake 120 330
Beetroot Cake/ Pumpkin cake 120 330
Pineapple Upside Down Cake 175 480
Chocococowalnut Cake 175 480
Lemony Cake 120 330
Chocolate Walnut Fudge Cake 200 550
Creamcheese Pound Cake 120 330
Seasonal Special 150 415
Fruit n Nut Rum Cake (Plum Cake) 225 625
Special Fruit cake (Plum Cake) 300 825

Brownies and Others (min. order 9 brownies/ 6 doughnuts/12 rum balls) (with egg)

Cake Name MRP per pc.
Fudgy Chocolate Walnut Brownies 45
Chewy Chocolate Brownies 30
Cappuccino Brownies 40
Blondie 40
Orange Brownies 40
Glaced Baked Doughnuts 25
Chocolate Baked Doughnuts 30
Rum Balls 25


Cake Name Standard Mini Medium
Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla or Flavoured Buttercrea 50 20  
Chocolate Cupcakes with Truffle Frosting 50 20  
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting 55 20  
Red Velvet with Buttercream Frosting 50 20  
Caramel 55 20  
Strawberry/Cherry Jubilee Cupcakes 55 20  
Hazel Nut Truffle     50
Meetha Paan Cupcakes     50
Lemon with Lemon Cream 60 20  
Marbled Oreo Cupcakes 60 20  
Blueberry Cupcakes 60 20  
Milk Chocolate with Milk Chocolate Truffle 60 20  
  • Delivery outside Mulund for orders over Rs.1000.00 only.
  • Minimum quantity 4 bars of a single variety.
  • Delivery charges as applicable, for all deliveries.
  • All cakes are made only on order so please order atleast 24 hours in advance.
  • No off-the-shelf products available with us directly.
  • Bars made for the day can be picked up from Eatwell Cold Storage, Opp Gokul Hospital, M.G. Road, Mulund (West)
  • No Preservatives or chemicals added.
  • No Transfats used at all.
  • Made Fresh only on order with the freshest of ingredients
  • We work only from 9.30 am to 6.30 p.m.Tuesdays closed